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Cleaning of Roofs & Gutters

Excessive moss growth on your roof and in your guttering can cause major problems. However, having your gutters cleared and cleaned can be an expense which is worth the effort as not having it done can sometimes run into the thousands if the problem is not caught early.

Dirt, moss, bird droppings, lichen, algae, leaves etc can be washed up from your roof into your guttering and cause blockages in your down pipes. When the rain comes, the water will not be able to move freely because of the blockages and the water will start to build up and overflow causing severe damage to walls and brickwork and resulting in damp and condensation problems as well as waterproofing problems, foundation erosion and settlement concerns. These problems can be very costly to repair so preventative care is very important.

Annual maintenance and cleaning of your guttering is a must to keep your property free of any major water problems in the future so get them looked at by the professionals at Ascot & Bracknell Roofing Services Ltd.

We will provide a free home visit to discuss any areas of concern on your property’s roof and assess the maintenance required.

Over time and because of wear and tear, you may need to replace your current guttering, fascias and soffits to protect your property from the elements. If this is the case then do not despair, our experienced team at Ascot & Bracknell Roofing Services Ltd can help with this too. Take a look at our Guttering page for more information.

Our family run business pride ourselves in all aspects of roof repairs and maintenance. We carry out all of the work ourselves, not having to rely on outside contractors so you can rest assured your roof will be in good hands from start to finish.

So call in the experts at Ascot & Bracknell Roofing Services Ltd on 01344 721 978, we are here to help!